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  • How do I know my mistletoe is fresh?

  • We harvest the mistletoe from our own orchards in Worcestershire and cut daily to ensure absolute freshness.

  • What is the best way to care for my mistletoe?

  • Keep your mistletoe cool until you want to use it, ideally outside in the cold or in a shed or garage, if you follow these instructions you can expect your mistletoe to keep looking fresh for up to a month. However, as soon as you take it indoors with the central heating on it will start to dry out, therefore do not hang your mistletoe indoors too early. 

  • Is mistletoe poisonous?
  • The ingestion of mistletoe is not advised due to its poisonous properties therefore keep the mistletoe away from children and pets. In the unlikely event of this happening we strongly suggest medical advice is sought immediately. Lastly, please make sure you wash your hands after handling the mistletoe

  • About the Delivery

    Our packaging is especially designed to fit through standard UK letterboxes. This means that you will not have to wait in as your mistletoe will be delivered through your door with the rest of your post.

    Do you charge for deliveries?

    Royal Mail 1st Class delivery is included in the price.

    Where do you deliver?

    We only deliver to the UK mainland, unfortunately we are unable to post abroad.

    Will the mistletoe really fit though my letterbox?

    Yes, our chosen boxes are designed to fit through a standard UK letterbox . Our boxes are 16cm wide and 3.5cm high and 22.8cm long.

    Can I return my mistletoe if I'm not satisfied?

    Please do not try and send the mistletoe back to us. Instead, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.